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The characteristic of wide-angle lens and effect
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Wide-angle lens is a kind of focal length weak point is more than standard camera lens at standard camera lens, perspective, be apart from the wide-angle lens of photography camera lens that grows to be less than pearl eye camera lens at pearl eye camera lens, perspective to be divided again mix for common wide-angle lens exceed wide-angle lens two kinds. The focal length of common wide-angle lens is 135 camera commonly 38-24 millimeter, the perspective is spent for 60-84; The focal length that exceeds wide-angle lens is 20-13 millimeter, the perspective is spent for 94-118. Because the focal distance of wide-angle lens is short, the perspective is big, in shorter film inside distance limits, can film the scenery of larger area. So, be used extensively at work of photography of old scene wind film. In photography creation, use wide-angle lens films, can achieve the result of the following respects: Even if feel,∫ ? is the space that can add photography picture. Now. So, the pocket type of contemporary great majority is automatic camera (common weighs goofy camera) the common wide-angle lens that uses 38-35 millimeter 3. Be camera lens cover an area big, filmed scenery range is broad.
4. It is the scenery that filming distance location films identically, the scenery that films than using place of standard camera lens is in in the picture video small.

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