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Little knowledge of lamplight of DV photography illume and reflector material
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Little knowledge of lamplight of DV photography illume and reflector material It is good like filmed effect to photograph, illume is a crucial factor. Inside this article, we will see the various products that when you are choosing equipment of a lighting, can consider. We also will inspect the illuminator that offers on the market and diffuser to undertake an analysis to their unique feature.

  is photographed like floodlight bubble type

  absorbs the bulb that uses 4 kinds to differ like illume or light. Incandescent lamp (tungsten lamp) , fluorescent lamp, bittern lamp (or quartz the lamp) and with HMI celebrated Hydrargyrum agency electric arc grows degree of iodide lamp.

  incandescent lamp

  incandescent lamp or the bulb that for instance your living room place uses tungsten light bulb. It gives out the lamplight of yellow or orange. The light that uses this kind of bulb is cheaper, because its service life is brief, wattage is relatively inferior, brightness is not quite strong also.

  fluorescent lamp

  is in in going a few years, this kind of fluorescent lamp canal has been in photograph like industry in by extensive use. With incandescent lamp haloid wait for photograph comparing, fluorescent lamp exothermic is little, bad news report is little, the light is downy and even. The most significant breakthrough for the person that resemble to photographing is you what can be in 3200 is indoor and colour temperature outdoor tube mixes 5600 colour temperature transition has between tube. This makes photograph the person that resemble to the for love or money can use this light and need not worry slant lubricious occurrence.

  haloid lamp

  haloid lamp or quartz the lamp is most light source is used in kinescope production process. This kind of bulb is calorific tall, glow is strong, wattage is big also. 3200 when this kind of lamp can provide intense stability Bai Guang (film indoors) . Haloid lamp service life is very long, compare be to one's profit. Its defect is power is mixed greatly calorific tall. When using haloid lamp illume, put away must want to wait for it to cool before it. Anyhow, when it is shining, must not contact it. It is met very boiling hot.

Lamp of   HMI

  film and photograph outdoors light is created inside studio like lamp of middling use HMI, perhaps serve as outdoors filmed compensatory lamplight. Although be worth to be carried here, but this kind of lamp is very costly also, the reader of this article won't choose it probably.

The character of the lamp

The feature of equipment of   lighting also is varied. Should buy to photograph like the lamp or when lighting equipment, should notice these are important under the consideration thing.
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