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How is road traffic sign classified?
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Cent of road traffic sign gives priority to mark and auxiliary mark two kinds big.

Advocate the mark divides again for:

Warn a mark, ban mark, indicate a sign, travel division sign and road construction safety indicate.

Warn a mark: Admonitory car and pedestrian note the sign of dangerous place. Its appearance is equilateral triangle, color is yellow bottom, black edge, black design.

Ban mark: Prohibit or restrict car, the pedestrian falls the mark that opens act. Its appearance is a circle normally, it is the equilateral triangle that octagon or acme are down individually. Its color is white bottom normally, red circle, red brace and black design, "Prohibit car place indicates " for blue ground, red circle, red sprit.

Show the road indicates: Deliver way way, the ground is nodded and be apart from the mark of information. Its appearance, identify a mark except the place, milepost, outside dividing confluent mark, for rectangle or square. Its color, general road is blue ground white design, adjust highway to be green base white design.

Assist a mark: Auxiliary mark is to point to lean closely advocate mark lower edge, the mark that demonstrative action assists since its appearance is a rectangle, color is white bottom, black word, black frame. Use at representing time, car type, warn the reason with the ban, area or distance advocate mark cannot the information of complete expression.

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