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Turn over cursor annals brief introduction
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What make the same score as the development of our country economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood is ceaseless rise, go out the travel, number that go vacationing also rises subsequently very fast. To a few areas, the tourism that regards " as smokeless industry " has been become but one of principal properties of durative development. Gross earnings of our country travel was amounted to 1999 4 do 100 million yuan, a base that expands tourism to already became our country economy to develop goes
Course of study. The development that a lot of areas of domestic are devoting oneself to travel industry and use. To travel development, improve travel establishment, beautification travel environment is the necessary step that attracts a tourist, installing travel area to indicate among them is those who attract a tourist is cheap and fine, the method with distinct effect.

The << road traffic sign that carried out on June 1, 1999 and graticule >> national level (GB5768-99) , indicate travel area to the regulation is 6 kinds of traffic advocate one of marks, it serves to show its importance. Stipulate general road indicates the impression is blue or green in this standard, travel area indicates with brown as the impression. Distinctive brown the attention that can draw people, the visitor that makes not be familiar with position of local travel tourist attraction can be frequent, reach travel area surely.

Turn over cursor annalsGlance travel area indicates
Glance travel area indicates not only the direction that days can indicate travel area, in nightly can make the driver identifies the content that reads a sign clearly more. Special to unfamiliar of those pairs of road driver, indicate through glancing but in advance lets his make good preparation, avoid the happening of traffic accident. 3M" vision class of beautiful " diamond and excel in class glance film is had turn over brightness admirably, extensive role performance and specialty wear, the first selection that is travel division sign glances material. In the meantime, the design that travel indicates controller can use color print technology to will represent travel district is printed in glance velar surface, achieve thereby vivid, novel effect.

The mark of region imageTurn over cursor annals
The action that travel area indicates is to point to a road not only, still can pass the pattern that has a characteristic in the designation on the mark and character to let people understand the characteristic of this travel area, have the effect that publicizes to advertisement, those who enlarge travel area is famous spend and attract a tourist. Travel area indicates establish, the " that can let the public find management department more is the service tenet of this " with the person, promoted the sense of pride of the figure of management department and local dweller, have distinct social effect. Compare with media advertisement photograph, the fee that sets travel area mark is material and construction cost only, economy is practical, can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.
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