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To a few kinds new-style, the explanation of commonly used traffic graticule
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Line of 1. humane horizontal stroke: Pedestrian crosswalk line is wide solid line of parallel of a group of white (zebra crossing) , in crossing of pilot of traffic signal lamp, use the range of line of pedestrian crosswalk of lay off of wide solid line of two white parallel, express to allow pedestrian cross traffic lane.

2. pedestrian crosswalk line is premonitory and indicative: Set the white lozenge pattern of proper before pedestrian crosswalk line place, use at hinting ahead is close to pedestrian crosswalk, the beard when motor vehicle travel notices pedestrian cross way.

3. no U-turns mark: Shaddock confusing censures? of Mei of my extensive of basketry fact of Sui of room of copy of  channel Mi turns around by arrowhead and the maize pattern that a furcate design constitutes. Express to prohibit car turns around.

4. diversion line: The line of white V look that the form of diversion line basically is or according to crossing landform sets a few or twill line section. State car must press course travel of the regulation, do not get line ball or jump over line travel.

5. center encircles: Set the white circle that is in roundabout center or lozenge area, use at divisional car big, little change, reach the directive of pair of car left-hand bend, car does not get line ball travel. When motor vehicle towards the left transforms, must rely on a center closely the group is small turn.

6. decelerate graticule: The setting is collecting fees station square, speak the white dotted line of full line or a section of a highway of assignment of other requirement car, its form has single dotted line, double dotted line and 3 dotted line, perpendicular install at direction of drive a vehicle. Use at warning ahead to answer decelerate goes slow.

7. taxi relies on bit of white casing line temporarily:

The setting is collecting fees station square, only accurate taxi jockeys temporarily fluctuation guest, other vehicle forbids berth. When taxi berth, must abide by jockey inside the line, stop to fall namely namely, go up to go namely namely, must not occupy entertain a guest.

Line of casing of white of 8. bus bus stop: The setting is on bus stop road surface, allow only the bus inside city jockeys temporarily fluctuation guest, other vehicle forbids berth. When bus berth, must positional park is inside casing line, ordinal fluctuation guest, must not exceed a line.

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