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Do you understand these traffic safety common sense?
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Do you understand these traffic safety common sense?

Do you understand these traffic safety common sense

See TV slow dispatch a vehicle
According to western scholar research, TV looks to be able to make the vitamin A in human body blood is used up quickly on dark light. Of vitamin A decrease, the nightly eyesight of can abate person and the suiting to darkness ability. Experiment discovery, when A of the vitamin in human body blood is 20mg, the person that has 27% only is normal to getting used to ability darkly.
The basis determines, after watching TV a few hours, the vitamin A in human body blood can reduce an in part, maintain commonly control in 20mg. At this moment, the person's vision is slow, differentiate lubricious ability is abate, eyesight can be reduced even 30% .
Generally speaking, watch TV 1 hour, eye eyesight needs to return to normal through 30 minutes of ability about. So, after watching TV best can rest 9 hours again dispatch a vehicle.
Harm of the smoking when exhaustion is great
Some drivers are in drive when feeling fatigue, habitual suction a smoke, think such meeting recover from fatigue are life-giving. This is an error on understanding actually, those who smoke to affecting the person that drive directly is healthy with safety of drive a vehicle.
The driver can bring about B of the vitamin inside body to lack in the smoking when exhaustion drives, damage optic nerve, cause eyesight decline. Driving main show is change of the dyschromalopsia, faintness that look matter, eye shot in the process, some people return the expression such as meeting occurrence photophobia. Study a proof, if the driver often is in drive the smoking when exhaustion, the incidence of a disease of its coronary heart disease is identical profession 3.5 times of average incidence of a disease, miocardial infarction rate increases 3 times, mortality raises 5 times.
Accordingly, in drive smoking cannot be depended on to come when exhaustion life-giving, and should jockey rest, start off drives again after waiting for energy to restore. Also can use cold bath face, whole body motion, eat the method such as acidity fruit to alleviate fatigue, make sure drive a vehicle is safe.
Hollow drive accident-proneness
The cause that causes traffic accident is many sided, hollow driving also is among them one of. A lot of data make clear, people is in starve condition falls for long, the meeting when the blood sugar inside body lowers fixed rate produces hypoglycemia phenomenon, right now person brain tissue can produce functional obstacle, drive to produce traffic accident easily. Accordingly, the driver should value food, should have a meal regard as the important matter is treated. Often have in the car a few convenient food, when hunger jockey in time take food, lest produce traffic accident.
Why does speed limit want on the freeway
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