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Balata road awl, guide (protection of traffic safety work)
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Product of awl of road of professional production balata uses mould pressing of whole of material of high grade balata, become via vulcanization of vapour high temperature, have good flexibility, although car has been ground also won't disintegrate, a few years of wear well, not easy attaint. Make all sorts of facial expression according to the requirement of the user again, match with tall glance material, red is marked and apparent by day, the crystal lattice of yellow, white covers the person that can reflex a dazzling ray to drive in the evening be clear at a glance. . . Utility: Use at placing to be among road, uncannily area and road construction a sector of an area, set in wagon flow of the space when needing to face, lead liaison man, how-to car bypasses dangerous a section of a highway. It is the product that at present door of the Ministry of Communication extends energetically. Banner technology level is belonged to in product of domestic person of the same trade my company returns major to produce all sorts of plastic road cone, cone surface application glances material has the following choice: Common glance lacquer, glance glass is small bead, glance stick film, glance crystal lattice is covered. Product quality supervises safety of transportation of the Ministry of Public Security detect the center detects eligible enterprise. Rubber industry 10 beautiful are outstanding enterprise.ISO9001:2000 eligible enterprises. Factory price is sold continuously, greeting incoming telegram

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