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Of wide-angle lens and flashlight cooperate
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In the design of flashlight, to win good flashy range, glance the cover is a decisive factor. Should making a flashlight that can use for 24 millimeter, 21 millimeter or 18 millimeter wide-angle lens is very difficult. Eye shot is wider, more difficult. The limits that main problem is glitter wants already wide, the light in whole range wants again very even.

Most hand carries type the flashy limits of small-sized flashlight and the view of 35 millimeter camera lens are same. But when this kind of flashlight is used at 28 millimeter camera lens, flashy limits and uniformity become insufficient. Most advanced flashlight with extensive role scattering implement the flashy limits that can enlarge flashlight, the made view with 28 millimeter camera lens is same, some can be used at 24 millimeter camera lens even. But, to 21 millimeter exceed wide-angle lens or for the camera lens with shorter focal distance, scattering implement helpless. Film collective is illuminated or when indoor indoor scene, this question is particularly obvious. Settlement way is to use reflection glitter.

Indoor the wall all around, ceiling can reflex glitter, the reflector of certain type also can achieve this goal. The flashlight that lamplight can turn, make you undertake more easily reflexing glitter. The light exposure that reflexes glitter should follow flashlight -- , increase and increase of the distance of the object. Use the light exposure that flashy actinometer can measure accurately.

In flashy photography, the most serious problem is to make clear the flashlight distance to the object, is not the camera distance to the object. When filming much person and collective are illuminated, if the picture can be accommodated,come down, had better use 35 millimeter camera lens, film on 10 feet distance. If convert 24 millimeter camera lens, flashlight cannot take whole crowd. Be about to use reflection glitter at this moment. In average household, will reflex glitter with the ceiling, double what flash the distance is flashlight is apart from to the object about.

At this moment, light exposure should be former fourfold, increase two archives namely. Apparent, light exposure will change as the change of ceiling height. The ceiling of contemporary residence is made an appointment with on average highly is 9 feet, can this is a foundation, use multistage exposure (increase first gear namely, film a piece, reduce first gear, pat a piece again) . Gain experience with this kind of means, in the following photography no matter the ceiling is tall it is low, had an amendatory fiducial. Take a picture below 9 feet tall white ceiling, flashlight is put go up in camera electrical outlet, the height that casts an eye undertakes reflexing glitter, light exposure should add 2 shelf. This is to use flashy actinometer to be in be apart from the data that camera measures on 12 feet distance.

When taking a picture, still can encounter a problem, that reflexes exterior color namely. If use black and white film, do not put in what problem. But if use, is color film, and reflection face is pink, what pink goes up with respect to meeting belt on photograph or slide is tonal. Add an attention more to glancing the color of substance appearance wants, it impares likely your flashy to reflection use.
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