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Preventing dazzle is the most important in all function
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Preventing dazzle is the most important in all function

Say simply, car film is stuck on automobile glass to be used at controlling sunshine namely. Its fundamentality can include safe, clarity, prevent dazzle, lie between ultraviolet ray, heat insolation, prevent cut, enough expiration period and protective privacy to wait.

Almost all people think, regard a kind of car as things, the mainest function of car film is safety performance, perhaps say, car film should not affect the safety of drive a vehicle above all, can enhance the security of drive a vehicle again at the same time, right protective action reachs since the member that multiply. The safety performance of car film includes the content of 5 respects at least: Puissant glue, clear view, comfortable drive, prevent privacy of dazzle, protection.

Puissant glue can stick broken glass together closely, the vitreous fragment that when avoiding accident happening, splatters produces harm 2 times to the passenger; Clear view will assure the safety of drive a vehicle; Comfortable meeting drops fatigue move of the driver apparently; Preventing dazzle is the intensity that reduces visible light substantially, control the strong light of faze person, make the person's eye better off. In " international glass sticks velar institute (IWFA) " on technical manual, prevent dazzle to be considered as " car film is the most important in all function " .

Ultraviolet ray is occupied only in solar energy 3% , but meet those who cause article fade, plastic balata ageing. The ultraviolet illuminate of excessive still can cause canceration of human body skin. High quality car film all can cut off the ultraviolet ray of 99% above.

The put in order of heat insolation radical that the concept of adiabatic rate can carry understanding car film will understand: When sunshine illuminate arrives on car film, solar energy will be divided to be 3 parts: Penetrable, absorb, reflection, 3 person addition is equal to 100% . Among them the ministry branch change that solar energy is absorbed becomes quantity of heat inward / outside again radiation. After heat insolation is led even if car film is reflexed and be being absorbed again the summation of the energy that radiation goes out. So, the heat proof quality of car film, depend on reflex and absorb ability its, reflection is more intense, absorb ability stronger, adiabatic rate is higher also. But what reach various places law according to each country is different, the visible light reflectivity that provides car thin coating commonly must not exceed 10% . Because the ability of absorption of heat of car film itself also is finite, so, the adiabatic rate of car film is in commonly 40% ~ 60% between, this data is reliable, also be authentic.

Because the visible light reflectivity of car film accepts legal obligation, so, some manufacturer used glass of similar low radiation when producing vitreous film (the technology of Low-E) , be like power solid film, the block that its characteristic is infrared ray is broken rate is very high, can amount to 90% above. If the infrared block of V70 is broken,lead (Infra-Red Rejection) is as high as 94% , the ability that prevents dazzle is 26.8% , adiabatic rate (Total Solar Energy Rejection) is 55% .
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