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To a few kinds new-style, the explanation of commonly used traffic sign
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1. prohibits car place mark

This mark is a circle, blue ground, red circle, red brace, express to prohibit place of a car. Alternate double brace is prohibit car temporarily or lever of monocline of mark of the park when growing mark of the park when to prohibit car grows, jockey temporarily (the driver must not leave cab) unlimited.

2. jockeys mark of to give way:

This mark is octagon, color is red background wrongly written or mispronounced character, state car is stopping keep a lookout jockeys beyond the line, after affirming safety, just allow current.

3. prohibits motor vehicle is current mark:

This mark is a circle, white bottom, red circle, red brace, black car graph, express to prohibit all motor vehicle (contain autocycle) current. Lower edge have as an attached institution has " 2 rounds autocycle except " assists a mark, allow 2 rounds autocycle is current.

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