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Traffic brings subject of full knowledge contest
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Traffic brings subject of full knowledge contest

Does 1. driver drive in advancing, encounter have how to answer when person cross highway by bicycle?
Answer: Decelerate has let
2. motor vehicle malfunctions on the freeway when needing to return a driveway after repair, how to answer?
Answer: Preexistence is urgent jockey take or speed increases on road shoulder and Xiang Deng of open left-hand rotation. When sailing drive a vehicle, it is normal to forbid cloggy and other vehicle travel.
3. circle, red edge, white bottom, is red thick line added on black design (doesn't minority have red thick line) what mark is traffic sign?
Answer: Prohibit indicating
What is the action of 4. carburettor?
Answer: It is benzine pulverization presses certain proportion to mix to be able to burn mixture gas with air
Below the case that 5.. joins in clutch, give drive wheel to make the motivation of engine cannot be delivered, must the gearlever park transmission what position?
Answer: Empty shelves position
6, motor vehicle is in blame prohibit crying when the area of the horn or a section of a highway use a loudspeaker, press every time cry forbid to exceed half seconds, press continuously cry forbid to a few times exceed?
Answer: 3
Of the front-wheel drive when 7. car turns turn is radius comparing rear wheel still small greatly?
Answer: Small
Does 8. crossing turn how should be car used turn to the lamp?
Answer: Be apart from crossing 100 open to 30 meters of place turn to the lamp
9. allows to use the roadway of photograph adjacent when the overtake on the freeway. Sail the motor vehicle of driveway of unfavorable balance of trade is after overtake. How to answer?
Answer: Ought to sail instantly a travel driveway
When 10. motor vehicle is current on the freeway, in which ought to go on the road sail?
Answer: Driveway of drive a vehicle
The tractor of travel of 11 start off, be in charge of managing by agriculture machinery branch, does public security mechanism have influence bother about?
Answer: Have power.
12. encounters road leisure, the line of sight is good, below the premise that assures traffic safety, in the travel on the road that is not worth 7 meters, how much to set to in the city highest speed per hour is small-sized passenger car?
Answer: 50 kilometers
Pedestrian crosswalk of 13. car go by, encounter when pedestrian of traffic signal discharged is passed, must how?
Answer: Jockey or decelerate to give way
The exercitation of 14. exercitation driver period which be a year?
Answer: It is the first year when obtain a driver's license
With what is the overheat of 15. engine basically concerned? .
Answer: The use condition of the working state of cooling department and car
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