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Wide-angle lens brief introduction
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[sell]Wide-angle lens Leave a message to him online negotiate credit evaluates case of wide-angle lens 規 : Case of 規 of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm much 種 offers 擇 of guest 戶 選

Material 質 : Mouth of 進 of 鏡 face 為 gets together carbonic acid fat (PC) , fight bump into 擊 to prevent cruel, 鏡 back 為 is able to bear or endure ageing glass 鋼

產 tastes 說 bright:
Taste 採 to use originally be able to bear or endure back of 鏡 of ageing glass 鋼 , 進 mouth gets together carbonic acid fat (PC) 鏡 face, have image clarity catoptric to be the same as 時 not 變 form and fight the character that bumps into 擊 , all 帶 of 鏡 of road 廣 horn has 鏡 to overspread 並 and shape with 鏡 back, do not break beautiful 觀 to be able to be reduced again too 陽 reflex, of 員 of 駛 of 緩 solution 駕not 適 feeling. 產 tastes special 點: The 線 outside the bad news of not easy 損, Guang Zi that prevent 陽 , staying power is durable, face of 彈 sex 鏡 defeats 壞 not easily, clarity of 鏡 face image, bright 確 and weight 輕 installs 裝 to go to the lavatory, 輕 of body of beautiful 觀 of 長 of life of 鏡 face 壽 , modelling, 鏡, on the safe side. 鏡 back 強 is spent tall, be able to bear or endure ageing.

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