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What is traffic safety establishment?
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Traffic safety establishment

One, what is traffic safety establishment?
To uphold traffic order, ensure transportation is safe, develop the function of road transportation adequately, the traffic signal lamp that according to regulation installs in road along the line, traffic sign and graticule and traffic segregation protect column to wait for the floorboard of traffic hardware.
2, how is attaint transportation facilities compensated for and to how is attaint transportation facilities compensated for and punish?
Facilities of transportation of attaint of cause trouble person, answer to call the police actively instantly, outside recovering the total cost that place of damage transportation facilities requires except compensation, according to " administration of traffic of road of special economic zone punishs Shan head byelaw " the seventeenth, to cause trouble the person is in 500 yuan or 1000 yuan fine. Damage traffic facilities escapes, be in again by the regulation.
3, what is road traffic sign?
Road traffic sign is to use graphic symbol, color and character to pass specific information to traffic participator, use at supervising traffic installation.
4, how is road traffic sign classified?
Cent of road traffic sign gives priority to mark and auxiliary mark two kinds big.
Advocate the mark divides again for:
Admonitory sign, ban mark, directive mark, mark pointing to a road, travel division sign and road construction safety indicate.
5, what is admonitory sign?
Warning a mark is the sign that admonitory car and pedestrian note to uncannily is nodded. Its appearance is equilateral triangle goes, color is yellow bottom, black edge, black design.
6, what is ban mark?
Ban mark is the mark that prohibit or restricts action of traffic of car, pedestrian. Its appearance is a circle normally, the equilateral triangle that is down for octagon or acme individually goes. Its color is white bottom, red circle, red brace and black design normally, "Prohibit " of car place mark is blue ground, red circle, red brace.
7, what is demonstrative mark?
Indicating a sign is the mark that demonstrative car, pedestrian advances. Its appearance is circle, square or rectangle, color is blue ground white design.
8, what is mark pointing to a road?
Mark pointing to a road is to pass way way, place and the mark that are apart from information. Its appearance, identify mark, milepost, cent except the place outside confluent mark, for rectangle or square. Its color, general road is blue ground white design, the freeway is green base white design.
9, what is auxiliary mark?
Auxiliary mark is to point to lean closely advocate mark lower edge, have the sign of auxiliary specification action. Its appearance is a rectangle, color is white bottom, black word, black frame. The argument that is used at expressing type of time, car, warning and ban, area or distance advocate mark cannot the information of complete expression.
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