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Viewfinder (wide-angle lens) why does lens back predestined relationship choose
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At present the lens back of the viewfinder on market has the following kinds of color roughly: Nacarat, flaxen, deep yellow. Is the lens back that chooses which kind of color after all more scientific? With respect to this problem, we had sought advice from a the Ministry of Communication to detect concerned expert of the center, experiment repeatedly in theirs and detect scientificly below, suggest we choose nacarat, namely our company are current the color that product place uses. The reason has the following sides: 1. According to the principle that the vision is apart from: When the distance is too long, naked eye sees the effect that is less than specular reflection, what can have caution effect is the color that lens carries on the back instead, it is only after quite close distance, ability reflects the reflection result of lens face. 2. Retreat a principle gradually according to color, nacarat is outside classics change the name of owner in a register ultraviolet ray is longer illuminate, what it retreats the color after changing to still compare other color markedder, more beautiful. And the ultraviolet illuminate with deep yellow longer course, the color that it shows so basically subsidise is become flaxen, float even white, do not have remote caution effect at all. Flaxen with respect to prep let alone. 3. For the angle that analyses from color atlas, nacarat is the most bright-coloured, penetration is the strongest, caution action is optimal, this namely marine worker, the person that deep water works, the dress of the person that Gao Wei works and personnel of fire control rush to deal with an emergency chooses the primary on purpose of this kind of color normally.

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