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Nursery aluminum roof too bright reflective material will not be exchanged
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Yesterday, who lives in Lilac Road, Pudong New Area, Miss Fung calls to the Post reflected their own nursery downstairs summer overhaul, the roof spread a layer of shiny aluminum foil, so that upstairs residents suffering from the pain of reflection glaring. Reporters on the 9th floor of Ms. Feng, who lives in the home to see, this nursery located in the Eastern District of 3 to 7 downstairs, 3-storey main building has five-meter length. As residential buildings within the district are nearly 20 stories high Construction, therefore, stood on the balcony looking down, the roof can glance kindergartens. According to Ms FUNG introduced the kindergarten start renovation from July, the entire roof covered with aluminum foil is laid since then. According to report, in order to prevent water leakage, many buildings are laid with waterproof hot melt Roof, and the role of aluminum foil is mainly reflect sunlight, heat isolation. Miss Fung said: "The nursery is normal to take advantage of summer renovations, a little of what we can understand the noise, but this reflection is hard to bear." Although it is around 16:00, but can still see the dazzling rooftop nursery Reflective. Ms Fung said they had tried to get in touch with the nursery, but the summer kindergartens do not work, and always failed to find the person in charge. Post reporter then under the jurisdiction of the district associated with the second foreign neighborhood contact. Yesterday afternoon, the neighborhood branch secretary, Mr Choi said through coordination, the problem is resolved. "We ask the nursery to sit long and construction team Down and talk, we finally agreed to replace the top of the black non-reflective material. "Cai Shuji also said the cost of replacement materials will not be passed on to residents in the head, and the construction team will undertake the zoo.
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