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Cost of countrywide media advertisement is amounted to first half of the year 10
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    CTR market studies an investigation a few days ago makes clear, 2004 first half of the year, total prices of all sorts of media advertisement expenditure are the whole nation 102.9 billion yuan, than 2003 75.9 billion yuan of first half of the year increased 35% . From the point of the expression of before 2004 6 months, market of advertisement of countrywide TV medium is primary it is ascendant trend. Put in gross to amount to 78.9 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period increases 35% . 2004, china saves the advertisement expenditure of city to increase somewhat than 2003 each, increase the province city with higher proportion to Shanghai, Hunan, Shaanxi, Tianjin waits. In key city, TV ad expenditure is most is Shanghai, total first half of the year expenditure is 5.1 billion yuan, beijing 2.6 billion yuan, chongqing 2.4 billion yuan, tianjin 1.4 billion yuan.   

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