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Mount of excellent way of big talk sea is brand-new glance qualitative traffic s
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On Feburary 1, reporter of Hainan news network discovers Hai Xiuzhong, on the west on the road already mount brand-new glance qualitative traffic segregation protects column, segregation protects column to become this to shine together not only beautiful scenery line, also make the traffic order here is shown first from this improve.  

Before this, because Hai Xiuxi road did not install the segregation intermediate to protect column, bring about travel of cart car line ball directly, grab the serious traffic such as overtake, optional tune to violate behavior everywhere to see, all the way drive a vehicle is to resemble annulus to be born nearly. Our newspaper ever undertook dogging reportorial to this last year in November (detailed sees on November 3, 2004, 4 days of reports) , cause the active echo of social all circles, also caused big talk city to take seriously about sectional height at the same time.  

It is reported, up to now, policeman branch has been in sea oral sex big crossroads reachs substation of show flower public security south road of sea beautiful Chinese and Western paragraph set in all among protect column 6120 meters. In the meantime, give a need considering citizen, car, branch of policeman of sea oral sex still is in reservation on the way on the foundation of footpath of crossing of 5 signal lamp, set pedestrian crosswalk line additionally 10, open car tune mouth 10.  

As we have learned, branch of policeman of sea oral sex still will be south Bailong the road such as road of road, senior bank road, show flower highway, Na Sha, install the segregation intermediate to protect column respectively, with order of farther normative traffic.

Set do not set protecting column is different  

Whether should road install segregation to protect the problem of column with respect to big talk the city zone, in the government a few branches also are put in difference. The reason of anti is: Way of the effect that protect column is beautiful, order disorder basically is factitious element, the problem that solves a person just is crucial.  

So, below current social condition, does the relation that traffic keeps apart the setting that protects column to follow traffic safety have after all how old? To seek the solution of this one problem, reporter of Hainan news network was taken from concerned respect the following number of 2 groups of statistic, one group concerns Hai Xiuxi way: Last year a year, because do not have a setting to keep apart column, driveway of car random tune, optional variation produces an accident many cases 450, in taking sea show, on the west the 52% above of gross of road transportation accident; One group concerns new continent highway: Last year January, did not install in September during protecting column, this produce traffic accident 298 cases, among them accident of great liaison man 9, die 9 people, injure 103 people, immediate pecuniary loss more than yuan 610 thousand, but since after installation protected column last year in October, 2 months of after this, this produce traffic accident more than cases 10 only, and all belong to accident of slight liaison man.  
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