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Three-dimensional plastic PVC material environmental wind off shoe market
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As an emerging company, but mastered the core technology of PVC materials for shoe industry in Jinjiang this big pot, add a bright "new material" cuisine.

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Industry commented: "PVC with three-dimensional plastic materials, we not only have a guarantee of quality, but also get technical support. Although the price of its materials than others, but we prefer to buy its materials, to the enterprise on a 'double Insurance '. "

Business experience: "PVC thin film high barriers to entry in this industry, we are beginning to enter the industry, through the many detours, until last year, we began to go in the right direction. From the original 'content', and now ' fine ', we are slowly reach profitability. "

The beginning of 2006 started, less than four years, three dimensional plastic in the recipe, have a breakthrough technology to address the PVC material and folding the most important environmental issues. It has now set off in the area for a while Jinjiang Shoes "PVC Tornado", and its main products --- PVC shoe reflective material, is the monthly rate of 1.6 million square meters sold to Chinese shoes, a large number of shoe suppliers are using this material.

PVC Shoes "fire"

"This year, PVC shoes sold in the Chen Tai 'fire' it!" D Plastic Co., Ltd. Quanzhou, general manager of Xuwei Yu excitedly told reporters, in particular, called stars of the PVC material.

Xuwei Yu picked up a yellow PVC reflective material, covered with numerous small diamond-like, through the bright light, the reflective effect of this material will produce and distribute the "stars" of the light.

It was learned that such "stars" such a large number of PVC reflective materials are used in children's shoes, casual shoes, in the upper applique, blank, LOGO has shown a large and small reflective material on the scene.

The so-called high-tech reflective material is a PVC material, which uses the principle of light reflection, the light in the distance on the surface of reflective material to a certain degree of intensity of light beam by the light reflected back to the light at the same route, through advanced technology produced .

At present, this new process improved the PVC material has been widely applied to the shoe on. Xuwei Yu introduced the many downstream to the three companies have purchased shoes PVC sheet, deep processing, the final use of provided to the shoe.

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