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Off-season abroad the market is extended
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The building materials market after     Spring Festival passes was entered commonly as the weather after the section " pour spring chill " period, on traditional sense, before the Spring Festival half month and hind a month is building materials market is off-season, the Yangtse River with south affect construction as a result of plum rains season, and still often be affected in the Yangtse River with north by cold air.  

        is in of this traditional sense off-season in, the reporter will have " Chinese building materials exports base " the Fosan that say is interviewed, pass the understanding of the well-known company building contented such as card of pair of Dong Peng, eagle, Jin Duo, discover these enterprises are in off-season in do not have at a loose end, expedited large quantities of sale teams to arrive in succession and other places of middle east, South Asia, the hope consolidates further through increasing exit forehead to come oneself position.  

Market of        southeast Asia is become extend focal  

A seismic sea wave lets         seas of tens of be buried of 10 thousand people, also make millions person homeless at the same time, rebuild the issue that southeast Asia home also becomes extremely urgent. Fosan counts a department of market of the well-known business that build contented to all express to the reporter about the personage, the strategic goal that extends for focal point of this company spring builds again after the calamity of southeast Asia, because be in,home still is in at present off-season, no matter be a foundation,decorate wait to be able to be in the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 15 hind return to normal in succession, and right now southeast Asia is in summer, this offerred best chance for market of their development southeast Asia.  

        as to development measure each manufacturer still is at present in nervous deploy, chief of concerned market department expresses, because competition is intense, a few detail still inconvenience discloses. The assessment that develops sign according to U.N. shows, indonesia is the country with the heaviest loss of this seismic sea wave, loss amount amounts to 4.5 billion dollar; Sri lanka and Indian take second place, amount of loss also reachs 1.5 billion dollar, the loss of other country is being evaluated in, predicting loss amount is controlled in 10 billion dollar. Should rebuild disaster area, add investment newly to also can be controlled in 10 billion dollar. Be in next inside 3 two months, stricken be hit by a natural adversity congress rebuilds in succession the project begins international or domestic invite public bidding, these projects basically center in 3 parts: Of piscatorial refreshment and relevant establishment rebuild; Of the refreshment of tourism and relevant establishment rebuild; The rehabilitate of the infrastructure such as highway, railroad, bridge.  
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