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Bedroom wall with glass reflective material easily lead to a sense of wanderin
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No bedroom wall as glass, metal and marble and other materials, the use of paint, that is, lying to avoid sleep when the gas can be reflected, but also conducive to the wall breathing, and the color should be soft, that people feel calm, help to break Information. According to the principle of five elements, the bedroom has the following position corresponds with the color: East and South East - green, blue South - purple, yellow, black West - pink, white and beige, gray North - gray, beige, pink and red Northwest - gray, white, pink, yellow, brown, black Northeast - yellow, rust Southwest - yellow, brown Furniture Furniture, it is necessary to meet the individual color preferences generally, but also pay attention to the size of the room, indoor light, the combination of light and shade, and with the wall, the ground color coordinated, but not too close, or not set off each other Can not produce good results, for small, poor room lighting, the tone should not choose too cold; large room, good lighting can have more choices. In addition, taking into account the different functions of the rooms of different sizes Rooms can have different colors, which produced different results. Such as light-colored furniture (including light gray, light beige, light brown, etc.) can have a quiet room, elegant, quiet atmosphere, and can expand the sense of space, so bright and freshening the room; and medium-dark furniture (including yellow, Orange, etc.) than the bright colors, make the room look bright and lively.
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