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Gaoping reflective material source mining project officially put into operatio
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Recently, after three months of the equipment commissioning and trial production of reflective material sources of Shanxi Mining Phase 3 trial production line successfully put into production. It is understood that an investment of 50 million yuan project is completed, in May 2009 began construction, after a year of intense construction, completed in May of this year and start trial production debugging equipment. 3 production lines now officially put into operation, reflective film output up to 2000 square meters. Shanxi produces 300 million square mining source project reflective materials, light food in Gaoping City Park, is the focus of industrial restructuring in our city investment projects, is currently the production of the larger, stronger research and development and production of reflective material one of the bases, and fill the province and even the reflective material production projects in North China in the blank. Products meet the national industrial policy, with a strong performance and good against the wide-angle reflection performance, widely used in traffic alerts, advertising, engineering, and civil and so on, the market prospect is very broad, the main points ad engineering, traffic alerts and civilian class category three series of 12 varieties. The total investment of 8000 million, in two phases. An investment of 50 million yuan to complete the office building, dormitory, factory matching green, 一号 workshop and installation of three production lines and other projects; the second phase project will invest 30 million yuan to complete the 二号 plant construction, the end of 2011 completed. Completion of the project is finished, more than 300 employees can work, with an annual 300 million square meters of reflective material, the sales income of 300 million yuan, profits of 48 million yuan.
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