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Besmear glances PU glue fabrics is sold situation value
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     in recent years, the new fund fabrics of city emerges in endlessly above market of silk of Wu Jiang east, change quickly of content of fabric fiber component, aftertreatment craft is masterly with each passing day. To cater to the demand of "   of security of   " of special coverall fabrics, fashionable sex, by Wujiang limited company of Long Shen spin rolls out a besmear to glance again PU glue fabrics, after appearing in the market, suffer each district labor insurance to take those who produce manufacturer to hang down fully love, have snap up of merchandise on hand not only, and the person that the choice orders goods in an endless stream, sell a situation in the ascendant.  

     as we have learned, should taste newly use 50D of silk of cleanse silk FDY to be raw material. Choose fine plain weave, become in the weaving on machine of entrance knitting big circle, craft having a unique style, acquire whole technology advanced, fabric has extend freely and function of dress easy bright not only, still hold the advantage that has feel soft glutinous concurrently. Repass of knitted piece goods besmears one kind glance PU glue, no matter the respect such as quality of a material, feel, function, colour and lustre all can be rivalled with exotic photograph, the price is far than from foreign import a few lower, market price case is 16 yuan / rice appears on the market colour and lustre has ash of coffee, color of loess, Jiu Gong, camel, dark blue, fruit green, orange more than 10 kinds, color rich and colorful and in harmony of as it happens of fashion colour tide. Fabrics basically is to be used at making the respect coverall such as project, traffic, fire control, battle take. Market over-the-counter trading is very little, majority sampling orders goods, because output is finite nowadays supply of goods is close spruce, already showed the good the look of things that demand exceeds supply,   besmear glances PU glue fabrics will become Wu Jiang one of characteristic window products are provided quite on Oriental silk market.  

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