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City walks optimal fittings
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For more efficient, safety walk, people invented the fittings of a lot of auxiliary sexes, reflect the attention of new science and technology to outdoors motion detail adequately.

American LP is protected

Protection is united in wedlock with what treat a function, can rise to protect action in walk already, still can promote the body to restore. The function wraps   
Draw together: Hot cure -- , close together joint at using position, prevent temperature be lost, reduce ache having a department, accelerate recovery. Stimulative blood circulates -- , the blood that makes use place musculature circulates, the effect is helpful for arthritis and articulatory and aching cure even. Good blood can develop sarcous motion function circularly, reduce harm happening. The effect that prop up -- , apparel LP is protected can act as another muscle and ligament, the concussion that with the bring down outside pressure or alleviation tendon, joint gets suddenly and acuteness twist. The superior performance that prop up defends to motion reach avoid to harm effective all the more. Oppressive effect -- , oppress and hot compress is to often be used at the remedial method that articulatory, muscle is harmed and aches, stock a variety of dimension, apparel suitably in order to assure, get right amount stress.

German SIGMASPORT heartbeat is expressed

Run does much further ability achieve gymnastical goal? Does how old motion measure ability enough? When can body types or forms of literature begin to burn adipose? Does body physical ability bear how old carry momentum? Modern science and technology can resolve the question of above more scientificly. Combine clock and function of heart lungs instrument the heartbeat that be together to express, can be monitored in athletic process and the condition of clew body, the person that make walk is more objective to carrying momentum has hold. New fund SHAPEWATCH is to be fitness technically to go quickly, the person that canter designs, function more the need of the person that accord with fitness.

American PETZL headlight

Brand-new portable headlight conduces to the travel before the environment in darkness is medium. Need two 3 date batteries to be able to offer illumination only, won't increase the burden of the person that walk. The chalaza of the direction of beam of light and headlight can be adjusted.

American MuellerATF ankle support

Not be every have deep love for walking person to the opportunity accepts the training that sport of professional prevention and cure harms. Accordingly, the society protects him, to give way goes become to charge motion, is not risky sports, it is the problem that Everyman pays close attention to more. Use the protective equipment such as ankle support, kneecap, helmet correctly, can increase a protection to walk. Fore-and-aft extend elastic webbing fastens transverse extend elastic webbing to cover position following tendon, make sure gambrel can undertake complete Qu Shen moves. This ankle support won't limit sufficient ministry movement, if run, jump, and sensitivity. Foot of the layer in ① ATF ankle support is covered (left dotted line) ground of can big range laps be apart from sural before ligament area (the easiest sprain reachs this ligament the) that pull an injury, strengthened gambrel lateral protection. The polyester fabrics of ② high strenth (strong at vinyl) , make chalaza does not need a metal to wear take aperture. There is monolayer fabrics only in ankle place, the feeling is cozier. Elastic webbing of ③ two-way extend covers position following tendon, make sure gambrel can undertake complete Qu Shen moves. Withy steel bedspring as tendon, conduce to enhance gambrel of two side prop up. Sufficient an old unit of length for measuring land won't feel oppressive when undertaking extend moves, do not divide left, right leg.  
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