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Exhibition of fabrics of spin of international of the 3rd peaceful wave, complem
From;    Author:Stand originally
Date:  2005-03-15- - 2005-03-17 
City:   of   Ning Bo
Showpiece address:   
Exhibit house title:   of international exhibition center of   Ning Bo
Sponsor an unit:   Zhejiang saves spin project to learn  
Undertake unit: Exhibition of dragon of   Hangzhou day serves limited company  
Extend meeting kind:   face complementary makings kind  
Exhibit meeting network address:   
Couplet   fastens   person:   of   Zhang Xiaoyun
Connect a telephone call:  86-574-87784339/87784337/87775480 
Fax:  86-574-87773480 
E-mail:  tlnb@sohu.com 
Detailed content:   coulds there be the 3rd times exhibition of fabrics of wave international spin, complementary makings, yarn
The 3rd Ningbo International Textile Fabrics,  Accessories & Yarns Exposition 

● shows time: March 2005 15-17 day

● shows a location: Peaceful wave international exhibition center

● sponsors an orgnaization: Zhejiang saves spin project to learn
● undertakes unit: Exhibition of Hangzhou day dragon serves limited company  
Dong Huamao of peaceful wave river shows service limited company

● media supports: Handler of dress of net of dress of spin of net of female outfit of net of yarn of net of knitting of net of spin of website of economy of global spin net, China spin net, Chinese dress net, Chinese spin net, China dress net, China spin, bright and beautiful bridge, China, China, China, China, China, Zhejiang

● exhibits meeting general situation
Ning Bo is located in southeast China coastal, it is the principal port of Chinese foreign trade. GDP already was amounted to 2003 one hundred and seventy-six billion nine hundred and ninety million, in Chinese city rank of integrated competition ability resides the 10th, haven port's cargo throughput 185 million tons, rank mainland haven the 2nd, it is city of center of area of delta of the Yangtse River and base of employment of heavy chemical industry, it is center of Zhejiang province economy.
Spin garment industry is industry of pillar of peaceful wave economy, company of production of existing spin dress is close more than 4000, year dress productivity is close 1.4 billion (cover) , occupy countrywide dress to produce number 12% . Ning Bo depends on its haven advantage, company of numerous foreign trade imports and exports and foreign trader are stationed in orgnaization of another name for Ningbo, pursueing textile foreign trade, in successive years of foreign trade situation is climbed litre, as the rapid development of spin garment industry, ning Bo serves as our country to the biggest spin dress is produced and export one of base, industrial assemble advantage is more clear. Today, modern garment industry entered Ning Bo a brand-new and fast development period, be like,rose abruptly forest group of spin clothing industry, be like: Cloud of division of fir of Yageer, fir, Luo Meng, dimension, Bo Yang, waxwing, Shen Zhou, pace, Aiyimei, earth up Luo Cheng, Ju Ying, Luo Ci to wait large quantities of domestic and international famous.
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