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Exhibition of equipment of technology of advertisement of international of the 4
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Sincere   invites   to join   to exhibit
Exhibited a center to China International of * of Beijing of 12 days of       on April 10, 2006
■ introductive    
Ad group public figure of respect:
     joins WTO smoothly as China, china will greet more open classics trade environment, the advertising of our country already also became global advertisement market to develop one of nations with the rapiddest rate, flourish ascends an Asia the throne of big country of the first advertisement. Growth of advertisement market demand and the prosperous picture that consume growth make it makes the market that has investment potential and vendibility most. Advertising appears the vigor with a constant in a steady stream, challenging the position of traditional media.
     previous term or session is exhibited not only the person of the same trade that attracted Beijing and circumjacent area comes round to look around in succession, and still be in global cause certain echo, the United States, japan, before the person of the same trade of southeast Asia country forms a delegation on a special trip, will attend make an on-the-spot investigation, of the conglomerate form amount that comes to Beijing look around and number is all-time, see the attention that global person of the same trade exhibits to Beijing international advertisement and enthusiasm from which, also explain it already was forming face of fair land radiate and force domestic and internationally. Because this is below the influence of good factor of climate, favourable geographical position, person and numerous interest, predict to exhibited the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business to will increase substantially 2006, no matter the audience goes up from the amount still be sure to have bigger breakthrough on quality.
We believe: On the base that runs successfully in previous term or session, the international advertisement 2006 exhibits regular meeting to multiply situation and on, do better more!

■ origanization construction:    
Sponsor an unit: China external association of economic trade advertisement
Media support: Network of ad of China of       of industry of ad of net of Hc360 Hui Cong
   of network of product of advertisement of round-the-world trade of                      of China advertisement website
Network of advertisement of trade of interpret of China of                      of Chinese advertisement Internet
Neon lamp of rainbow of China of                        of Chinese advertisement total library, China acts the role of website   
Media of advertisement of China of                      of net of Chinese ad supply and demand is allied
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