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Equipment of technology of advertisement of international of the 13rd Shanghai e
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By Shanghai contemporary international exhibits association of advertisement of limited company, Shanghai to be sponsorred jointly " thirteenth equipment of technology of Shanghai international advertisement is exhibited " will at 2005 days on June 28 -- was in Shanghai on July 1 new international reads extensively the center opens. Of nearly 30000 square metre exhibit an area, many 400 ginseng exhibits business to assemble in appear.

     as we have learned, current outside exhibiting meeting eliminate dimensions to expand further, more present a 3 big characteristics:

    1, be basic by homebred equipment forestall in industry of domestic spray paint below the case that each respect such as cost, quality, technology, service develops intense competition, unfold opportunity of paint of can numerous spray this new old firm is joined in succession exhibit, bring the first-hand material with spray paint more complete, newer job for the personage inside course of study.

    2, " thirteenth advertisement technology equipment is exhibited " advertisement technology equipment and reveal technical equipment be in harmony to be an organic whole, can let buy an understanding and order the technical equipment with advertisement and exhibition common cause, the gush that be like colour and light source of the equipment that print, computer design software, special lighting.

    3, exhibiting the can biggest characteristic this is LED, 3 break up, much face breaks up, the dimensions of rainbow equipment products is apparent relatively previous term or session expands somewhat. Be in especially LED technology respect, in numerous advertisement the enterprise that make values the circumstance of LED market prospect to fall in succession, exhibit this can offer one-stop solution for the businessman.

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