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Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit
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150 thousand square metre is wide imprint exhibit      
                 -- make the whole world purchase commerce platform
2 ¡¡ came 5 days 8 years on July 2
Shanghai new international reads extensively road of central  (Long Yang 2345)

Group exhibit an orgnaization
Contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
(Chinese head home passes the exhibition of attestation of ISO9000 quality system to sponsor an enterprise)
Shanghai advertisement association
Association of supplier of equipment of Shanghai advertisement equipment
Exhibition of thunder of Shanghai new standard serves limited company

The government appoints media:
" advertisement · marks " equipment and equipmentWww.sadsa.cn

Abroad undertake unit:

Abroad assist run an unit:
Bureau of general affairs of Japan of exhibition of Chinese Shanghai international

Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit (APPPEXPO)
-- Chinese advertisement pressworks the first brand of the industry that pack

Came 6 days on July 3, 2007, "Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit " (the APPPEXPO 2007) expectation in industry falls successfully in sound and recognition sound next heavy curtain! "Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit " assemble many 1200 domestic and international top supplier, among them advertisement supplier many 800, presswork supplier of wrapping paper industry many 400. Attracted in all come from the whole world the professional audience of the 100 thousand much person-time of 85 countries and area, among them abroad buy a 20 thousand much person-time, exhibiting an area is to achieve the 120 thousand square metre that achieves a record more, become real whole world to purchase commerce platform.

--   lad new friend, copolymerization " Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit "   --
Come 15 years, "Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit " mature with each passing day in respect of object of Wu of kimono of target of fixed position, development, the professional personage that is world each district finally is wide to accept.
"Shanghai is wide imprint exhibit " the manufacturing vendor that can invite global brand, buy the home and trafficker to gather together, the basis is of all kinds the characteristic that postpones business and requirement, major of world each district audience key casing is the terminal that purchases business, jobber, big shopkeeper, agent and all trades and professions surely.

Famous ginseng extends ☆ all previous share enterprise:
Combination of HP, NUR, EFI-VUTEK, 3M, NESCHEN, LUCITE, AVERY, ROLAND , CANON, THYSSENKRUPP, EASTMAN, MITSUBISHI, PHILIPS, OSRAM, flying this world, be proud colour, river of Jin Hengfeng, embellish, elegant look orchid, labour, carry

08 look into
The 16th Shanghai is wide imprint exhibition will in July 2008 2-5 day reads extensively in Shanghai new international the center is held ceremoniously.
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