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Material of road of 2005 China Wuhan is exhibited
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In recent years, hubei traffic appears piece span type develops posture, the modern transportation network that is a mark with the freeway already provided embryonic form first. End by 2003, total course of development of be open to traffic of Hubei province highway 86098 kilometers, among them freeway 1326 kilometers, course of development of inland river channel 8309 kilometers, haven of above of 10 thousand tons of class 187, field of station of highway customer money 836. Predict to come 2010, hubei saves traffic general by alleviate basically to overall suit span, build a highway 1071 kilometers, still will invest 71 billion yuan to undertake the construction of 15 keys freeway and big bridge project, wuhan city builds investment 9.771 billion yuan 7 high speed to export highway, strive, build traffic to be saved by force at an early date.
To achieve above goal, save highway to learn to be sponsorred jointly by management board of highway of hall of Hubei province traffic, Hubei " new material of machine of project of international of Wuhan of the 4th 2005 China, civil engineer and exhibition of traffic technology establishment " will on March 31, 2005, in Wuhan the international exhibition center was held on April 2, this second exhibit meeting general to adopt extend a form with meeting belt, aim to communicate and reveal the new technology of traffic domain, new facility, new technology, new material. Congress will be wide invite Hubei to save traffic to be in charge of sectional leader, the administrator of the domain such as carriage program, survey, design, researcher, highway builds headquarters important official and each project owner to happily gather under the same roof, discuss new technology, new point of view, new experience jointly. Make be exhibited this can become actual strength of be in harmony to reveal, the technology cooperates, classics trade negotiates and information communicates the industry distinguished gathering at an organic whole.
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Project machine: Booth of station of agitate of equipment of the machinery of facility of bridge of machinery of excavating machinery, fork-lift truck, road surface, squeezing ramming machinery, picket project machine, lifting appliance, road, land leveler, rock drilling machine, reinforcing steel bar, concrete machinery, machinery that build the bridge, bitumen, bitumen spreads machine, municipal project machinery, forklift and other whole set solder, in using tool, water, wind accuses a well, all sorts of ventilated equipment, spare partses reach channel accessory, maintenance detects wait with technical equipment;
Construction machinery: Mixer, concrete pump, concrete carries pump, concrete agitate stands, station of burden of machine of rehabilitate of machine of machine of crane, tower crane, construction elevator, borer, picket, pattern plate, pattern plate, concrete, oscillatory machine, steel bar shears, bender, scaffold buckles machine, electromotor, of all kinds tool, testing instrument to reach all sorts of spare partses and accessory to wait;
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