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The 7th international pressworks with label advertisement and number science and
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International of the 7th Indonesia pressworks with label ● advertisement and number science and technology is exhibited
When between   : On May 14, 2008----On May 17
Ground    nods: Jakarta international conference exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit:  
Support an unit:
Indonesia of     of industrial and commercial federation can exhibit Indonesia of      of department of Indonesian industry trade Indonesia of constituent association   is rubber-plastic industrial association  
Abroad country and area representative unit:
Thailand of    of Korea of    of Japan of    of Italy of Indonesian    of    of India of    of Germany of    of Taiwan of    of Chinese    Hong Kong
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
This exhibiting is the enginery major that at present Indonesian home has important international force exhibit one of meetings. Previous term or session exhibits dimensions is made an appointment with 10, 000 smooth rice, exhibit 500 many, the equipment manufacturer that shares 182 to come from Indonesian homeland and world each district carried a product to attend to exhibit, ginseng of business of its China and foreign countries exhibits scale to be as high as 80% to control. Come from Indonesian purchase commercial treaty with the major of circumjacent country 25 thousand more than person-time arrives at the spot, look around purchase, rate of work off of spot of item on display amounts to 85% above.
Indonesian it is the world big country of the 4th population, have 230 million population and two overseas Chinese, market potential is very tremendous. In recent years, political situation stabilizes this country, the nation is harmonious, economy anabiosises, the market shows strength of yield results in work afresh. Increase rate of Indonesian last year economy is as high as 5.5% , the history since starting Asian banking crisis is new tall. Indonesian industry and trade department statistic, indonesian and current have 25 in all, 000 presswork ad industry, among them big, medium the agreement of dimensions has 1000, diminutive has 7250, the others is minimum enterprise. Predict 2010, indonesian presswork ad industry number will increase to 27, 500. Data makes clear, presswork Indonesianly advertisement market demand is exuberant, already made one of industries of Indonesian pillar sex, according to local major the personage discloses, the fare that buys need of place of product of a printing machine instrument in Europe can buy same type 6 produce machine to 7 Taichun country, and Chinese product quality pass a barrier, because this is Indonesian,presswork advertisement market needs product of this kind of China very much.
Our country pressworks advertisement equipment product always is had in Indonesian market rate already amounted to about 8% the left and right sides. Practice makes clear, going to Indonesian ginseng to exhibit is our country pressworks ad industry carries out the State Council " go " strategic principle, develop the inevitable choice of southeast Asia international market and important way deep.
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