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Advertisement of international of the 7th 2005 Shanghai 4 new exhibition
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The organizing committee enrols trade department:
Shanghai world new exhibition serves limited company
Ground    location: 82 smooth congress extend way of treasure of Shanghai water transport central E    of mail of 1905 rooms         makes up: 200235
Electric    word: 86-21-34140686                                           passes    true: 86-21-34140106-8018Http://www.sxggz.com                                               : Yanghui-sh@163.com  
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The market is looked into
Times suffer the "2005 that fix eyes upon " of exhibition of new technology of advertisement of international of the 7th Shanghai, new facility, new material, new media will on December 19, 2005 - was in Shanghai on December 21 smooth congress exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously, regard ad industry as each authority branch main support and ad of sponsorred international of " China Shanghai 4 exhibit " newly to hold 6 successfully already, with its dimensions tall, ginseng exhibits big, professional level the manufacturer is much, showpiece the product is new and in industry far-reaching, reputation is outstanding.

Exhibit can review
1, "2004 advertisement of international of the 6th Shanghai 4 exhibit " newly on December 13, 2004 - in Shanghai light 15 days congress exhibits a center to hold, the enterprise outside having the of great capacity that comes from province of Taiwan of the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France, Korea and home 365 manufacturers and acting ginseng exhibit each big well-known company, exhibit an area 12000m2, exhibit many technical communication was held to meet during the meeting, field field explodes full, 89% above ginseng exhibits business to be opposite current exhibit can express satisfaction, 78% above express to be able to continue to attend below exhibit meeting;

2, come from domestic and international presence of 72 thousand audiences is exhibited meeting, relatively 26 thousand person-time increased previous term or session nearly 3 times, be in the majority with professional personage especially among them;  

3, from "2004 advertisement of international of the 6th Shanghai 4 exhibit " statistic data newly to show, 75% audiences come from each graph article to make, advertisement representative, originality designs the industry such as company of supplier of equipment of of all kinds advertisement, agent, agency, imports and exports to be in charge of branch, association, society to be engaged in revealing, video, sign is made, neon lamp is made, paint of multimedia, spray, photo, 28% come from place of courtyard of each universities and colleges, scientific research, each country to be stationed in China stimulative orgnaization of orgnaization of diplomatic mission, business affairs, chamber of commerce, commerce;
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