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2008 Shanghai international glances material applies technical exhibition
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2008 Shanghai international glances material and glow material apply technical exhibition
Time: Ground of 5 days of        burned 3- day in September 2008: Shanghai international exhibits central  
Support / sponsor: &Committee of science and technology of the Ministry of Public Security of Nbsp People's Republic of China
Management board of public security of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China
Bureau of finance affairs of equipment of the Ministry of Public Security of     People's Republic of China
Product quality supervises safety of transportation of     the Ministry of Public Security detect center
  of association of safety of Chinese road transportation
Association of Chinese security personnel
Undertake unit: &Nbsp Shanghai spring emerges culture transmits limited company
[exhibit meeting setting]
As in the near future and even the acceleration that a few years traffic of our country highway builds, the city changes the progressively    that changes the strategy with town to carry out, the Olympic Games was in our country 2008 hold, china will strive to be by 2007 build entirely " 5 vertical 7 horizontal strokes " the country mainstay route system, achieve pair of whole nations 45 highway advocate the construction of the hub, china builds developmental in road transportation tremendous potential will be stimulated greatly undoubtedly to it the demand of the market of traffic safety product closely related; On the other hand, as economic prosperity, the development impetus of Chinese advertising is very swift and violent. What rich met Shanghai world will bring the advertisement stuff such as pair of commerce labels 2010 is Beijing Olympic Games, many 2008 demand. Glance material the contends for surely ground that this new position is sure to become domestic and international company. When preexistence bound so a lot of enterprises and scientific research base were increased to glancing the strength of research and development of material, glance material develops prospect in our country and even world market very value.  
The market perspective with wide      and tremendous business chance had attracted numerous transnational corporation and enterprise to come China investment   sets a plant, at the same time of China glance data industry also is growing quickly. Exhibition reveals a batch centrally global newest glance achievement of data scientific research, be engaged in glancing in the audience the personnel proportion of data industry is higher, sufficient body is revealed professional characteristic. Increase audience organization and invited amount and quality further, increase the academic level of the activity between the meeting and authority, improve service quality. Exhibit the service result of business to assure to be opposite, hold an unit to decide 2008 Shanghai international glances material and glow material apply technical exhibition. Bilateral combination, will offer the opportunity that contacts professional audience and industrial department to the more that postpone business. Harmonious and consistent undertake conduct propaganda, consequence promotes trade apparently, make join necessarily exhibit business to have more results.
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