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Without it is too dangerous to return smooth label drive a vehicle
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"Go up in the road of dispatch a vehicle before long before, my within an inch of hits the freight car in front, because he was not stuck,mark solely instead, leave when me close ability discovery has 17 meters long, if be a car,get freight car early below. " Mr Zhang gave the driver our newspaper yesterday make call report, a few more current new the van that leave factory is not stuck mark solely instead or label quality is poor, drive to other driver brought risk.

Car of detachment of policeman of the Changchun City is in charge of a concerned personage to express, do not install what mark solely instead not to get start off travel. As we have learned, concern a provision according to policeman branch, the trailer that total mass is not less than the van of 12000kg and total mass to be more than 3500kg should turn over smooth label in hind setting automobile body, hind automobile body glances the label should reflect motor vehicle hind width. The trailer that the car grows to not be less than the van of 10m and total mass to be more than 3500kg should install automobile body to turn over smooth label in flank, the marks solely instead length of automobile body should not be less than the 50 % with long car. The strip that automobile body glances the label must use red, white unit alternate with glances material, the join length of material of any a kind of color should not be more than 450mm, also should not be less than 150mm.

The reporter discovered in market of Changchun car a replacement yesterday, all sorts of glancing label value is differ, and quality is uneven. It is reported, began September from last year, automobile body glances 11 kinds of component such as the label are carried out mandatory product certification, namely 3C attestation. Since December 1, 2006 every includes add the product of motor vehicle component inside 3C attestation catalog newly, did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and did not add apply China mandatory product certification indicates, must not go out factory, sale, entrance or use in other management activity. (

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