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The characteristic of environmental protection of our country green printing ink
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The characteristic of environmental protection of our country green printing ink and market development

Come 10 years, industry of our country printing ink got developing more quickly, especially in last few years in a lot of enterprises threw many capital to be used at technical reformation and craft to transform, the research and development of printing ink rises ceaselessly with production level, equip new material, newly use shortened the difference with enterprise of world printing ink. The manufacturing technology level of our country's at present major printing ink company and product pledge the quantity had had materiality rise, already can satisfy home presswork the quality requirement that pack. The printing ink output of our country will grow quickly continuously, according to not complete count, the printing ink crop of our country had exceeded 300 thousand tons 2003, crop is next to the United States, Japan and Germany, house world the 4th.

Live as people opposite quality and live the demand that expands an environment rises ceaselessly, the product market that pack appeals " green packages data " , improve environmental protection performance namely, those who choose energy-saving, low cost, avirulent, free from contamination, easy degradation package data without social effects of pollution. "Green packages data " it is to was not packed presswork the development trend of material, get increasingly the attention of people, and presswork printing ink is one of raw material with the relatively serious pollution in the material that pack, "Green packages data " product of appeal environmental protection printing ink, in order to satisfy the packing requirement of high-grade product.

The printing ink that pack, regard a of global printing ink significant growth as the domain, and environmental protection product is popular, accordingly, the environmental pollution that how reduces printing ink and specific power consumption make the development way with printing ink the most essential industry.

The flexible package that is in our country pressworks in the industry, the environmental protection that is a delegate with printing ink of ability in swimming, mellow dissolve printing ink, UV printing ink at present printing ink is being pressworked increasingly manufacturer people Qing Mei.

Specific for, presswork in soft edition the market, in recent years water Chinese ink is developing at full speed all the time and have greatly overtake the trend of solvent Chinese ink, be being used easily and forthright pressworks wait for a respect to already had an advantage. Course of study is deciding printer of soft nowadays edition is a choice when water Chinese ink or solvent Chinese ink, had risen to the confidence of water Chinese ink, make more printer are made already pressworked by soft edition of ability in swimming finish. The function that at present user of water Chinese ink asks to improve basically is in the following two respects:
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