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The research of fireproof material and development
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All industry course that includes high temperature segment all relies on fireproof material. Fireproof data industry only then at last centuries, the fireproof data industry at that time is not quite whole also not quite develop. Nowadays, cement and industry of fireproof data industry and iron and steel industry, nonferrous metal, lime industry, glass industry and chemical industry are paratactic the industrial field that makes an independence.

There is company of 2000 fireproof data about on the world, annual groovy productivity is 40 million T about. Fireproof data industry develops way to satisfy the different requirement of the person that use each are not identical, stability of the person that fireproof material is used improves oneself productivity, improve technology, make all sorts of the sources of energy are used up thereby the smallest change. And the most apparent is product quality improve, the improvement of user engineering technology, this two improve greatly become the main motive force that makes progress of fireproof material technology.

The particular case of domain of industry of place of the person that fireproof material is used up is affecting the technical development of fireproof data industry.

1, fireproof material is used up

In going several years, the basic course that electric stove steel-making produces had changed ton of steel fireproof material wastage: 70 time metaphase, ton fireproof material uses up steel be as high as 20kg, stainless steel is as high as 50kg. Current, the development of technical progress and fireproof product already will ton fireproof material uses up steel fall 4kg. The example that another fireproof material uses up is the machine that connect casting the bag intermediate, 20 years ago ton steel uses up 4kg, current 2kg of ton of bad news of steel you only need to do, be in not far in the future, better fireproof product will make efficiency of the machine that connect casting taller, cast time repeatedly longer, this will make fireproof material uses up ton of steel to drop further 0.2-0.4kg. This means iron and steel industry to already was become a completely special fireproof material uses a field today, of Germany or Japan average ton steel uses up fireproof material to have 10kg only.

Anyhow, fireproof industry is faced with professional user to use up the trend that the level falls, predicting future will still last inside several years this trend.

2, product trend

Professional and fireproof material makes dosage presents state of helix shape reductive, basically depend on the technical advantage that place of the person that fireproof material is used shows. What is the basic trend of fireproof industry? What is the trend that relevant product place shows? And the future that what is fireproof material?

The metabolic contrail of materiality and rate of product of aeriform and fireproof material makes a person be interested, especially the revolutionary change that place of agglutinate technology system produces, also include the efficient creation of new engineering technology and product idea at the same time, in in recent years inside make function of caustic of fireproof product wear-resisting raises whole substantially, and still get what search firebrick lining inside the country to replace content in a lot of application at present. Below the case that must introduce bricky line before New Year more, use compound line to may produce better result today, this kind of effect wraps a lot of respects such as line to already became a fact in the steel of iron and steel industry.
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