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System of Chongqing intelligence traffic uses pilot demonstrative project " thro
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On November 29, 2005, national science and technology tackles key problem plan task " system of Chongqing intelligence traffic uses pilot demonstrative project " check and accept through the expert in Chongqing.

Chongqing city is " 15 " intelligent traffic is pilot one of demonstrative cities, the key begins intelligence to change public transportation, taxi to attemper the intelligence that reachs safety of transportation of safety administration, city turns traffic management control and be based on GPS road to carry the content such as intelligent monitoring. Check and accept on the meeting, expert group listened to task group report, undertook on-the-spot spot makes an on-the-spot investigation. Think consistently, case of Chongqing town road is complex, through intelligent traffic demonstrative content is built, for traffic decision-making branch provided integrated traffic information, the carriage security that enhanced the battalion carry car such as public transportation, taxi and service level, to promoting the liaison man of Chongqing city development has greater sense.

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