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Patron wagon new form (VI standard)
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Patron wagon is new figure (VI standard)Patron wagon new form (VI standard) Public security system is new lamp box (VI standard) Move in order to hide blue and white for primary color " 2004 type " patron wagon, and the label of exterior of police station of countrywide public security that look brand-new appears above all in Shandong.

"2004 type " patron wagon broke through active patron wagon to go up to lay blue simple besmear outfit in vain, move in order to hide blue and white for primary color, complementary with yellow, the exterior by badge of appropriative graph, car, number, Chinese character " police " with English " POLICE " and sectional abbreviation composition. Label of public security police station includes sign and lamp case, mass-tone attune is blue and white, content is main by name of police station Chinese, alarm badge and English " POLICE STATION " wait for composition. "2004 type " patron wagon and police station label are rich and angry, use feeling and contemporary sense, reflected adequately beautiful, easy, marked wait for a characteristic.
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