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Forecast trend of 2006 popular industries
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"The travel that enter a fault " it is duty field big fear. 2005, demand of what industry person with ability is the most exuberant? Did not come 3 years two, what industry hopeful warms up continuously? Recently, the professional orgnaization such as invite applications for a job of intelligent rich academy, wisdom couplet releases talent market to report end of the year in succession, comment on 2005 duty field changeable, forecast trend of 2006 popular industries, for duty field personage, the personage picture that find new job of purpose especially and prepares to apply for a job gave route chart of a piece of to apply for a job.

Enterprise most lack advanced person with ability

December 18 " gold leads duty field " senior talented person negotiates on the meeting, increased again a certain number of 1000000 the position of firewood. According to the investigation analysis of intelligent rich academy, at present the demand to the talent basically focuses the company in level of senior talented person. The market of senior talented person 2005, although from apparently look, average position of a high end has 4 right-and-left applicant, but fore-and-aft compare discovery, the company grows steadily to the demand of senior talented person, and gross of supply of senior talented person maintains basically changeless and growth is slow, far the growth rate under demand. Among them, talent gap is the biggest is sale talented person. Comparative the company is right 2004 management kind the demand of senior talented person is not ugly piece, what the enterprise pays close attention to most is sale kind senior talented person, it is general management next kind resource of senior talented person, manpower kind senior talented person and finance affairs kind senior talented person. Sun Dayuan of intelligent rich general manager predicts east, 2006, senior talented person will appear more apparent supply gap, because this suggests,the enterprise undertakes reasonable talented person is laid in ahead of schedule.

IT course of study presents as leading role talent demand a list of names posted up

According to the findings of intelligent rich academy, IT course of study and bldg. still continued 2005 2004 go situation, present a momentum that goes tall continuously. Among them IT newsletter industry occupies 31.2% outclass to the demand of senior talented person other industry, very exuberant to the demand of senior talented person. Back-to-back ever since is industry of real estate, modern manufacturing industry, banking and culture medium course of study. Academy expert predicts, job of medium of IT, estate, manufacturing industry, finance, culture is right 2006 the current that the demand of senior talented person will still carry heartier.

Last week, wisdom couplet invite applications for a job releases check report is right also end of the year popular industry had talent market 2005 labor. The data of invite applications for a job of the talent on the net shows, IT, content shedding, advisory management and course of study of financial insurance negotiable security warm up continuously, and demand of meeting audit talent is in money after becoming silent for some time, again a new force suddenly rises. And as 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games approach, content shedding course of study is enrolled virtuous " big-leaf hydrangea " hang already high. At present most popular other people banishs a talented person is those master modern economy commerce, carry shed theory and skill with content, and the international trade that has solid English capacity is carried reach content shedding to manage model talent, except store, carry, deserve to send, the content of the domain such as freight representative banishs a talented person in short supply outside, content of business affairs of the relevant systematization government person with ability, professional operation talented person that knows foreign trade business, electron banishs a talented person, master commodity to deserve to send what wait for relevant knowledge and operation method with capital have enough to meet need, cost accounting internationally content banishs senior talented person more be very popular.
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