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Glance coating market is being valued by people place
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Chinese freeway establishment is very modern, but urban road and guide should be improved. " Dan Nisen of · of American moxa benefit's company president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Dian Sikabole, china is in the freeway network of limits of large-scale extend whole nation, this alleviated greatly traffic pressure and have a case, but on the other hand, road of Chinese high speed is in the respect such as card of road sign, directive still is put however have very big drawback, bring about traffic accident to happen again and again. Accordingly, glance well the effect of the product is increasingly apparent.

On May 26, hill of Jiangsu elder brother. Sikabole announces external, henceforth 100 million dollar will invest to China inside 5 years, basically use at center of new research and development is being built in hill of Jiangsu elder brother -- , center of technology of Asia of Dan Nisen of moxa benefit · , and a workshop of new production of special type adhesive plaster. "China has become us to develop one of the most successful markets. " Sikabole tells a reporter, the global sale of moxa interest firm was 5.3 billion dollar 2004, among them Chinese business occupied 8 % , grow with exceeding the rate of 20 % every year.

Ai Li (China) Li Dagang weighs the president of area of limited company big China, glance the application of material basically is centered at territory of two big markets, it is to plan special market, 2 it is civil market. Plan market already formed quite large scale at present, point to a basis commonly national instruction code, must use glance the domain of material. Among them, glance film sets in department of transportation of our country public security use, press standard demand, glance year of dosage of film it is 22.5 million square metre about, year sale will achieve 600 million yuan.

According to the statistic of authoritative branch, in 5 years of in the past, the urban road of Beijing grew 30 % only, and of motor vehicle retain the volume rose one however times. Beijing discloses about the branch, when to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is held, beijing subway and bus are opposite together of urban traffic partake frank likelihood is not worth 30 % , partake from 80 % the expectation value apart of rate is very far. Accordingly, traffic issue will be Beijing prepares what the Olympic Games was faced with 2008 the biggest challenge.

At this point, ai Li suggests, chinese guide wants some more, a few brighter, word energy of a few bigger, information a few, in the meantime, must increase to glancing the use of material. Accordingly, li Dagang says, stem from what safety considers to glance coating market is being valued by people place, and Ai Li " this locality turns production, this locality turns a sale " politic, make its can gain Chinese market with inferior value.

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