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The advantages and disadvantages that the car sticks film Beijing is legislative
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What is automobile glass sticks film new issue, but rule of compulsive to sticking film to make rule is news. Announce recently " Beijing carries out < law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China > method " regulation: The car window of two side mixes automobile body around window, do not get stickup, spray to hamper drive the character of the line of sight, design, must not use lens face to glance sunshade film. Such regulations aim to prevent and reduce traffic accident, be on guard produce the criminal case that involves a car.
Stick velar benefit

Stick film but sunshade is prevented bask in protective privacy

How many did the car of Guangzhou have to stick sunshade film, without statistical number, but the glass of 89 become cars stuck at least film.

Can prevent lady be suntanninged to love to stick film

Why does Guangzhou car like to stick film? Car advocate peace the driver thinks, stick film to be able to remove sunshade to prevent to automobile glass bask in the action that drop in temperature. Buy Miss Huang of the car recently for instance, the car was recommended to her all right stick a series of car hairdressing formulas such as film, stick film to be able to keep out sunshine allegedly, reduce ultraviolet enroach on, the skin won't be suntanned. After the car sticks fine film, miss Huang sits into the car, although feel the ray inside the car is faint, but intense sunshine was weakened a lot of.

What stick velar car to form bright contrast with full ave glass is, guangzhou taxi sticks film without a glass. Bai Yun is rental of the company forest the driver says: "Taxi driver also is afraid of bask in, but the sectional provision taxi such as guest canal must not stick film, this basically is to ensure the safety of driver, passenger, also be to make sure taxi appearance of vehicle is beautiful at the same time. Also be to make sure taxi appearance of vehicle is beautiful at the same time..

Illicit car sticks film to resemble his the home is same

Like to stick driver friend of film to automobile glass, still have a reason: Protect individual privacy. A lady says, the home that illicit car resembles him is same, do not like others peek, glass does not stick film, the person on the car resembles the model in shopwindow, be talked by bearing head sufficient, all over uneasy; Stuck film to feel different, noninterference of the each other outside the car in the car.

Illicit car sticks film is to be protective privacy, but a lot of fair cars also stuck film, this makes a few citizens bad to understand. Mr Chen says the citizen: "Before long I go to Hong Kong travel before, see an official of Hong Kong government on the driveway had driven, the vitreous all of family car is appeared, governmental official issues to also be supervised in the citizen all right under. " Guangzhou also has fair car glass not to stick film, that is the patron wagon that patrols on the driveway everyday. Do not stick film, it is the requirement that public security works, the policeman sits on patron wagon to want ear of be observant and alert to listen to all directions, glass stuck velar inconvenience to discover in time at the policeman alarm affection. And if patron wagon glass affixes black film, meet virtually and citizen produce estrangement.
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