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15 " emphasis of hi-tech estate development is special program
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20 centuries of    later period, as a series of great and scientific discovery and technical breakthrough, the hi-tech industry that attachs most importance to a dot with IT industry, biology technology industry grows quickly. Hi-tech industry has become the motive force that current world economy grows, become the strategic commanding elevation that world big country contends for. The development level of hi-tech industry, not only the discretion that deciding international competition ability, and deciding a country the position of division of labor in world economy, decided the national future in polarization of international the rich and the poor thereby. Hi-tech industry has become the main factor that affects change of pattern of world economy, politics, it is the main base that the developed country carries out economic globalization. The development advantage of industry of hi-tech of have the aid of, the developed country consolidated further the position that controls world economy order. In the meantime, the way that hi-tech industry makes the developing country realizes industrialization and content produced essential sex to change, the developing country must regard the serious content that advances industrialization as development hi-tech industry, walk along informatization to drive industrialized road.
Our country of  of    already won the goal of strategy of before two paces of the modernization that finish, begin to carry out deploy of strategy of the 3rd pace. "15 " after reaching a paragraph of period, it is the important level that society of our country economy develops, it is to have economic structure strategical adjusted crucial period, accelerating development hi-tech industry is economic structure strategical one of adjustment main tasks. Accordingly, the rule that should develop from hi-tech industry and characteristic set out, explore environment of the development mode that suits to it, market and competitive strategy, make suit the our country national condition, hi-tech industry that complies with international trend to develop the strategy and program, this is the strategic move that prompts economic structural adjustment is mixed fulfil science and education to allow a country important deploy of the strategy.
 of    plans originally the angle from long-term development, affirmatory " 15 " during the guiding ideology that industry of our country hi-tech grows and guiding principle, clarify national strategy intent, make practical development target and task, exploration accords with the development mode of national condition, promote system innovation, make clear the action limits of government and market, perfect policy system further, the rapid development that is hi-tech industry lays a foundation.
  one, development existing state of affairs and the situation that face
  (one) the problem that expands the current situation and presence
Industry of hi-tech of our country of  of    is moving toward full-scale development from newly established.
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