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Join flower book to must attend " England lives " exam
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British government announced yesterday, new immigrant must accept an exam, they are opposite exam the understanding of British custom and history, british society can be blended in in order to ensure after their naturalization.

Pommy minister Maikenaerdi says, begin from today, new immigrant must attend this to call " England lives " (the exam of UK) of   of The of   of Life   In.

New immigrant must capture pays 34 pound (about 102 new yuan) exam cost, be in 90 exam centers of countrywide next to take an examination, inside 45 minutes the answer chooses a topic 24 times.

Naturalization applicant also must be revealed, they have applied knowledge of English.

Maikenaerdi says: "The language that understands England and our lifestyle is very important. "The language that understands England and our lifestyle is very important..

The examination questions example that authorities releases shows, applicant not only the beard is right flower queen and dialect of British various places have certain knowledge, also need the telephone number of ask for help that when knowing emergency happening, dials.

Although pommy advisory orgnaization supports a government to execute naturalization exam, but warning, exam title is unfavorable " egregious create difficulties for sb " , otherwise " the method that this may be regarded as a kind to elbow out people naturalization England " .

Naturalization exam all along of England is a task that has controversy.

Peaceful of graceful · of Nuo of senior Party member compares the Conservative Party (Ceng Jian of Norman   Tebbit) is discussed, to South Asia immigrant is arranged " cricket checks " , with determining they are spent to British faithfulness. Peaceful comparing says, when these immigrant are watching cricket to surpass, often support their former vassal state, is not to give at them the England of new citizenship. This his opinion on public affairs causes a mighty uproar, people criticizes him to discriminate against ab extra immigrant.

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