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The State Council holds standing conference to study deploy is current safe prod
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Wen Jiabao of premier of electric the State Council chaired xinhua net Beijing 21 days on December 21 courtyard of Wu of call together found a state is standing the conference, research deploy is current safe production works,

The conference listened to safety to superintend total bureau to reach the report of concerned problem about the measure that current and safe accident sends keep within limits more. The conference points out, situation of current safe production still austere, especially the serious especially big accident of the key industry such as the colliery and domain happens one after another, cause very big loss to people life property. The reason that the accident sends more basically is each safety precaution that has made was not fulfilled truly; Partial industry product requirement crosses flourishing, production stretchs tight too closely, increased the pressure of safe production; Safe facilities and manufacturing facilities are backward, safe bills due is more; Responsibility of enterprise safety main body does not reach the designated position, management is lax, exercise of direct of violate the rules and regulations, violate the rules and regulations and the problem that disobey work discipline are serious; Mining order is confused, safety does not execute the law to reach the designated position.

The conference points out, mount Taishan of safe production overweight. The spirit that various places, departmental door must be in charge of with safe to people life height, the overall deploy that safe production brings into economic society to develop, had caught as outstanding issue fulfil. Economic progress must suit with safe production photograph, want to develop below the premise that assures safety, cannot seek rate one-sidedly, negligence is safe.
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