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About promulgating " highway, waterborne traffic is main technical policy " anno
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About promulgating " highway, waterborne traffic is main technical policy " announcement

General principles of the first chapter

The first progresses to promote the science and technology of traffic industry, stimulative transportation facilities develops, normative entire industry progresses in science and technology the behavior in the process, the adjustment that achieves technical structure and optimize, weave especially this technical policy.

The 2nd highway, waterborne traffic is the main component of contemporary and comprehensive carriage system, it is one of infrastructure with the most important country. Highway traffic is limits of a kind of service wide, assume volume speed of big, development is fast, right the carriage way with old contribution of contemporary economy progress, it is to promote carry the base that the system is formed and expands integratedly; Highway transportation is the main force that short distance guest, freight loses, be defeated in middle distance guest, freight, and backbone effect has in small lot, much breed and high value freightage, especially the construction of the freeway and development, development, right to driving socioeconomy of along the line progress of science and technology of stimulative highway traffic, arise to carrying structural adjustment quickly tremendous the influence that is essential sex even. Canalage traffic is a kind of investment province, cover an area of little, labor productivity the carriage means with tall, carriage low cost, to promote city of edge river, coastal, haven and extroversion economy development makes the contribution of sex of forerunner sex, foundation; Waterborne it is the absolutely main force that our country foreign trade carries, it is the main way that a large amount of bulk cargo are carried and makes international carry a system, mix between Liu Dao, channel, islands especially the advantage that other carriage way has to cannot be replaced in be being carried along money of river, coastal customer.

The 3rd work out this technical policy total guiding ideology is: The thought that holding to " science and technology is " of the first productivity and implementation " the spirit of " of change of two essential sexes, fulfil " science and education to allow a country in the round " and the strategy that can develop continuously, support science and technology progresses, improve the rate that traffic industry increases, quality and beneficial result, technology of directive entire industry develops directional alternative, guiding principle of progress of science and technology, target and key task are decided really, in order to get used to the need of society, economy and development of traffic facilities oneself.

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