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Move law glances the research of material is developed " through appraisal
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On December 8 morning, by me center of courtyard research and development and in spin what finite liability company finishs new material jointly " move law glances the research of material is developed " appraisal can be held in my courtyard. The conference is chaired by association of Chinese textile industry.

Appraisal is met expert group holds the post of a group leader by academician of Zhou Xiang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, mei Zijiang academician holds the post of assistant group leader, other member has college, courtyard place, enterprise or business composition of professor, senior engineer, group of expert group project report of working report, technology, equipment report, check new report, product to detect the relevant data report such as use opinion of report and client, be in subsequently of project controller tell unship view and emulate project sample, pass the intuitionistic contrast of pair of domestic and international congener products, the each expert leader's very glad job grade that was sure place of this project series is obtained.

After passing serious, meticulous discussion one time, experts think consistently: Use besmear Fu comes off new technology, production gives tall brightness to glance material, there is bigger innovation on the technology, and have own intellectual property, fill home is blank, achieved international advanced level; The tall brightness that the project studies to develop glances material, have be able to bear or endure catharsis, be able to bear or endure attrition, waterproof opposite sex waiting for actor can, main technique index achieves international the advanced level of congener product; Market prospect is good. Suggest at the same time: Enlarge Gao Liang to glance further the applied domain of material, development more gets used to the breed of market demand.
"Move law glances the research of material is developed " project appraisal can obtain consummation.

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