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Automobile body glances the label uses medium problem to answer doubt
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Are mark of one class car and mark of 2 class car the biggest what does distinction have?
1. Glance brightness differs, go against reflection coefficient to differ namely: One class automobile body glances the brightness of the belt is 2 times of 2 class, its car outline can identify a gender strong, discern the distance is far, its accident is preventive strong!
2. Service life is different: Because its glance of material itself structure different, decide difference of its service life. One class gets together for 3M wear-resisting technology of carbonic acid fat and technology of microcrystalline and cubic role, mould pressing becomes a useful person, interior does not have air space, water proofing property is good, although some is local,be damaged, also won't spread to glance entirely belt; And 2 class are glass small bead plating aluminium is compound structure, its interior has the air space with invisible naked eye, when some after local damage, rainwater can be invaded stage by stage glance entirely belt, bring about do not glance entirely, fall off even. The experiment proves the service life of one class is the 2 times above of 2 class.
3. Construction cost is different: Because 2 class automobile body glances the label needs subtense predestined relationship to do,put water treatment, its glue, labour cost wants than one class tall.

How does bumper improve can effective protection after does hind automobile body glance the service life of the belt? Hind bumper mostly stickup have glance belt, after that ministry bumper is the place that is collided the most easily, because this needs the bumper after be opposite to do a few improve, can effective protection is hind glance the service life of the belt. We suggest the structure of partial instead fluted of will former plane, will glance the label is stickup be in in groove, can prevent direct collision, attrition to take the harm that cause to glancing so. Improve a factory to have the car manufacturer such as JVC.

A few kinds of automobile body does home market have to turn over smooth label material at present? At present home market basically has 5 kinds of automobile body to turn over vendor of smooth label data, one class is the series such as American 3M 983, 3M 983C, REFLEXITE783, AVERY883 respectively, 2 class have BOON (rich is installed) 583 etc, among them with 3M company quality of 983 series material is best. Anhui rich installs a company to designate treatment business and dealer of engage by special arrangement as 3M China limited company, it is the company of science and technology that domestic major is made and sells automobile body to turn over smooth label product, have full automatic production line, range of products is all ready, the service is considerate. Had waited for many 40 car of countrywide to make enterprise and steam deserve to supplied a company to establish cooperative relationship with east wind, one steam, blessing cropland, heavy steam. Product of partial car mark exports abroad.
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