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One-track engine -- direction of prospective city traffic
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Time: Net of construction of highway of 2004-11-13 an ancient name for China

Hold in Beijing " day stands exhibit 2004 " in, the reporter discovers a when exhibit one-track engine caused the attention of the audience. Bell wood says, one-track engine is the heavy head product that this morrow establishs equipment of the transportation in exhibiting. One-track engine has a lot of advantage: It is motivation with report, won't produce pollution, additional, monorail cost is inferior, only the 1/3 of common railroad comes 1/4; Can make full use of space, because be to build overhead railway more; Upkeep costs is low, can reduce operation cost. Accordingly, from 20 centuries since 50 time, one-track engine has caused those who make multilateral home to take seriously, those who inspect to settle the good way of urban transportation issue. Current and Euramerican already built 339 monorail with Japan, still have the interest with the strong generation with many right countries.

The expert expresses, monorail represented a kind of way of prospective traffic, china is current a lot of cities very the action that values orbit traffic, in order to solve traffic jam and environmental pollution. This year in September, the one-track engine that day establishs company and combination of Inc. of coach of track of our country Changchun to make already travel is on the light trajectory of Chongqing.

Establish introduction of wood of bell of minister of ministry of facilities of company liaison man according to day, day established the traffic product of the company to cover product of road transportation equipment, orbit transportation equipment and intelligent traffic. At present Chinese city changes process rate very fast, the construction speed of the freeway is very breathtaking also, but subsequently and the problem such as the traffic jam that come and traffic safety is highlighted increasingly. Day stood to accumulate rich experience in traffic domain, the hope can cooperate with China, share these experience.

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