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Glance data market potential is tremendous
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As in the near future and even the acceleration that a few years traffic of our country highway builds, what the city is changed and town changes the strategy is progressively carry out, the Olympic Games was in Beijing 2008 hold, expand of Chinese open degree further, travel industry " cake " do bigger more and people is gone after to the vogue of colorful life, glance material develops prospect in our country and even world market very value.
Manage of Chinese Academy of Sciences changes the expert of technical institute to say, glance material basically includes to glance film, glance printing ink, glance graticule lacquer, glance cloth, glance change, glance knit belt, glance security silk fabric. Glance material can glance, basically depend on the majority glancing glass of a kind of high refractive index is contained in material bead, exist because of it just about, fire the person light to wind illuminant point by former road reflex, form regression to reflex a phenomenon.
According to glass small bead in glance in material located of the position different, glance material can be divided to appear model, flat-roofed model two kinds. Appear model it is to show glass is small bead be located in glance material most the surface, small bead contact with air directly. Flat-roofed model it is to show glass is small bead embedded is transparent in colophony, colophony and air are contacted, this kind of data bears it is good to await a gender, can reflex coloured light, the surface is not easy conglutinate dirt, wet is insusceptible, but the structure is complex, tall to equipment technology requirement, main product is of all kinds glance stick film, use on the freeway glance material attributes this one kind namely.
Current, glance the application of material basically is centered at territory of two big markets, it is to plan special market, 2 it is civil market. Plan special market to had formed quite large scale at present, civil market criterion potential is tremendous, glance for the world the company of 3M of trailblazer United States of material glance data industry tycoon is valued.
So-called plan is special the market, it is to point to a basis commonly national instruction code, must use glance the domain of material, sign of the working uniform that is like clerk of department of public security, traffic, environmental sanitation, road, sign, graticule, the dress of the fieldwork personnel such as mine, railroad, braces.
Glance coating includes road sign to glance coating, regression glances paint. Traditional mark material (hot frit lacquer, cold spray paint) need allocate and transfer to throw the job artificially in great quantities not only, and easy generation drops lacquer phenomenon, do not have glance function, in mist wet approximate at the ground, illuminate of intense of light intensity needing the lamp ability is loath but differentiate, and regression glances coating is to point to in Fu of gush of common coating surface a glass is small bead, its use overcame afore-mentioned limitation not only, and driver safety drive a vehicle had safeguard.
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