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Vibration road glances graticule coating becomes attention heat
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Opinion hind is asked for in what undertook one year, traffic occupation standard " coating of road surface graticule " (JT/T280-2004) replace a standard (JT/T280-1995) carried out in Feburary 2005, the function that returns cursor line coating to vibration road first gives regulation. This will promote the wide application of this product, the development that establishment of stimulative transportation safety builds, raise the traffic safety consciousness of the whole people. Among them, vibration road glances graticule is drawn with the coating mark that accords with new standard.
2004, our country had 100 thousand person to be divested by traffic accident life. As control and the lifeline that lead road liaison man- - road transportation graticule, it is the line with the regulation, arrowhead, character, mark establishing a range, protuberant guide or other and oriented device, delimit go up at road surface or other facilities, control of in order to leads the installation that traffic and dispersive traffic shed.
Close period of time, vibration road glances graticule coating gets the attention of the industry. This kind of new material has two outstanding effect: It is to use the part with raised surface, the tire travel when car above when generation is oscillatory, give out sound of " of rumble of a kind of " , deliver a driver, signal its decelerate goes slow, remind driver wheel already line ball, want to notice safety. 2 it is to have good dirty night to be able to inspect a gender.
Oscillatory graticule is to be based on the original intention that improves night and wet transportation safety, it is a purpose in order to reduce traffic accident, pass those who increase wet markers line to inspect the surface that identify a gender and develops to distribute have glass of high refractive index small bead protuberant model road graticule product. Grind when the car that gallop press on this kind of graticule, can produce sound of a kind of grave " rumble " , this kind of sound relatively grind the sound that is pressed on road hammer to give out to want gentleness a few, can remind driver wheel so already line ball, fox's sleep of the driver in can preventing drive a vehicle and the travel that exceed a line, intense to managing machines and tools has caution and remind action.
Oscillatory graticule calls protuberant graticule, noise graticule, dirty night graticule again. Can classify roughly from the appearance of the product for: Dot type vibration graticule, diamonds type vibration graticule and chop type vibration graticule.
Oscillatory graticule basically is used at the accident to send a sector of an area and requirement to know the place with tall sex to road outline more. A section of a highway such as graticule of place of the foul line that is like advanced course highway, turning, diversion, passageway, bridge, channel, brow; Boundary of boundary of stop line of urban road crossing, driveway, special type driveway; Other the place that needs to have clew function graticule. For example, the 8 freeways of Beijing that amount to mountain because ramp much, channel elbow is much, much, pass through several years to produce traffic accident more, this car flow is large, haul coal especially heavy traffic is much, travel car is much, often cause jam, the accident is frequent. Management department has repair to this, increase safe facilities construction, reduced an accident effectively to lead. Apply in many a section of a highway among them delimited a large number of vibration road counters cursor line, remind department to notice by personnel hour transportation is safe, treasure life.
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