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Company of Quad Yin Yi is had the honor to win " year is aureate printing ink aw
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Company of Quad Yin Yi is had the honor to win " year is aureate printing ink award " 2005-09-02 browses 195

On August 26, the Ao Di magazine of publication date let company of Quad Yin Yi promulgate gold prize of characteristic magazine category in Feburary 2004 returned the home. In the meantime, catalog has the honor to win the Williams-Sonoma home that produced December 2005 to be seleted in customer list Pewter award is won in work.

With " North America is the most crackajack presswork award " for catchword, award of aureate printing ink is by trade magazine " presswork media " reach " presswork impression " hold jointly. It is to be award to reveal those only high grade presswork, technical difficulty, reach integral vision result and establish, award be presswork by what come from countrywide each district physiology of ministry of artist, production, presswork the purchaser jury that form is singled out. Annual decide on awards through discussion has 40 categories, every category all sets gold prize, silver-colored award, copper award each one, and Pewter award and honorary nomination award.

Formal prize-giving ceremony will be in September 12 " year is aureate banquet of printing ink award " on hold, as Chicago Print ' 05 extend the one share on the meeting.

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