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The adornment construction project of Ruijin ophthalmology center makes public i
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Center of ophthalmology of Ruijin of open invite public bidding drafts the adornment construction project of Ruijin ophthalmology center in Shanghai Ruijin 2 197 Ruijin hospitals build a building inside 12 those who reach 13 is local the adornment construction that has Ruijin ophthalmology center, project scope: The area makes an appointment with 1000 square metre, those who be located in center of 12 Ruijin ophthalmology seek advice recieve, room of medical treatment consulting room, cure, optometry room, operation uses a room, reach 13 local office to wait with the room decorate, contain elevator hall, footpath, boiled water, toilet of male and female, of the place such as computer room, storeroom; Include to give catchment, illume accordingly the content such as the system such as electric, warm an air conditioning, integrated wiring. Project cost makes an appointment with 1.5 million yuan.
Wooden project undertakes publicity invite public bidding to construction unit now:
Requirement construction unit has a building to decorate adornment engineering construction to contract 2 class and its above aptitude
Cordial welcome has corresponding aptitude financial condition and the unit that there is similar outstanding achievement in Shanghai to participate in bid. Intended person please at Beijing time on December 31, 2005 morning 9: 00 ~ 11: 00, afternoon 1: 00 ~ 3: 00 when to appoint a place to sign up.
Carry please: 1, company business charter, 2, aptitude proof, 3, sincere letter manual, 4, safe production licence, 5, legal person a power of attorney and Id book, 6, the outstanding achievement that has assumed similar item and proof material. (above all should offer original and photocopy to build official seal)
Place signing up: The road austral Shanghai Yunnan assembly room of 293 7 buildings
Contact: Kuang Huafeng
Phone: 021-63736832, 13601755490
Fax: 021-63289358.
Acting unit: Shanghai Shen Yi project consults limited company
Unit address: The road austral Shanghai Yunnan 293 7 buildings
Unit of invite public bidding: Center of Shanghai Ruijin ophthalmology

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